Frequently Asked Questions

What are neurofeedback sessions like?

You will sit in a comfortable chair with 5 sensors attached to your head and ears to measure your brain’s electrical activity. You will wear ear buds to listen to a relaxing soundtrack with breaks in the music that gives your brain the information (or feedback) that it needs to self-adjust and optimize it’s functioning. Rest assured that no electricity or stimulation is put into your brain, it is 100% safe and natural.

There are fractal images on the screen with about 10% of the feedback in them, you can decide to watch them or not. You don’t have to consciously do anything since this technology works effortlessly on the brain. You can fall asleep, read, or just relax.

The neurofeedback session itself lasts 33 minutes, and the overall appointment lasts for 50 minutes. Clients tend to feel profoundly relaxed after each session.

How does NeurOptimal neurofeedback technology work?

This sophisticated Brain Training tool was designed by Clinical Psychologists: it has been used for 30 years with well over 4 million sessions run worldwide. The NeurOptimal system measures the differences in the electrical signal emitted from the scalp, from .01 hertz to 64 hertz. This electrical signal is mathematically measured 256 times per second, by voltage changes and is read through the NeurOptimal software program which initiates an interruption in the audio/video stream as it detects when a change is about to happen. This small minute interruption is enough to warrant the individual to notice. Neurofeedback training allows an individual to observe their brain activity and optimize their mindset.

The image below shows how this advanced technology works:

How long do I need to do neurofeedback sessions?

Since it is training, it does take a number of sessions to train your brain to organize itself more efficiently. In 6-8 sessions you will most likely notice a change in some area of your life. By 15 sessions your brain will be able to hold the changes and operate from a new level of functioning.

Since each person is unique, it is hard to say how many sessions are needed. Some concerns may be more deeply entrenched and you may decide to keep going with sessions for a longer period of time or come back for maintenance sessions when needed. I encourage each client to make their own decisions regarding how many sessions to do, you will notice when it feels like you are at a place of stability.

How do I know if neurofeedback will work for me?

You will know neurofeedback is working when you notice subtle changes in your functioning and ability to move through life with more ease. Clients have said they feel calmer, more focused, able to handle their life circumstances better and have access to more joy in life. Since each person’s starting point and symptoms are different, the progress will look different as well. Close loved ones usually notice changes in the client even before they do.

Consistency is key for efficient results. Clients that have seen faster progress schedule their trainings consistently 1-2 times per week. My goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Most people are intrigued by this training because they are able to reach real, sustainable changes in functioning in just a few short weeks or months. Neurofeedback can be useful for clients of all ages – from children to seniors.

What are the fees for neurofeedback?

$120 per 50 minute session

New client package for 2022 – 15 sessions

Complete 12 sessions of neurofeedback and get 3 sessions free (savings of $360)

In-home neurofeedback machine rentals will be available for Spring 2022

$1500 per month for unlimited sessions, which can be very cost effective for a couple or family.

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Are neurofeedback sessions covered by insurance?

You will most likely be able to use your Health Spending Account or Personal Spending Account to supplement the cost. I will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can use for reimbursement. I do not offer direct billing.

How do we get started?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation by clicking on the link below. We will discuss the technology in more depth and what your particular circumstances are. There are progress tracking sheets you will fill out to note your starting point so that we can document the shifts that happen as you go through your training journey. Then we will set up your first neurofeedback session and decide on your training schedule.

Whole Brain Neurofeedback

I provide neurofeedback for children, teens & adults in St. Albert and Edmonton. This advanced neurotechnology helps individuals achieve optimal brain health and experience the quality of life they deserve.

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